[Brief] BCPS board plans to re-discuss boundaries for MSD

Aubrey LaTorre, Graphic Designer

The Broward County Public School (BCPS) district is in the process of re-discussing the boundaries for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The first meeting for re-discussion will be held on Monday, Oct. 3. During this meeting, the BCPS school board will be informing the community about their concerns for the re-boundaries and gaining the community’s concerns.

The reason for this reboundary meeting is because certain schools, such as MSD, have seen a lot of overcrowding over the past year. Statistics show that the capacity of MSD is estimated around 3,00 students. The 1200 building is still included in the Florida Inventory of School Houses capacity report of our school even though it is not being used. That building adds about 712 students therefore, MSD will lose 712 spaces for students in the capacity. 

As of the 2014-2015 school year, it was below this number at a steady 2,995 students but since then capacity has gone up to 3,600 for the 2022-23 school year. This means that the school has gone over 110% of its total capacity this year. Many students and families are very affected by this. Students that go to MSD right now could potentially be affected by this reboundary. 

“The hallways are horrible. After every class it’s impossible to get to the next class on time because it’s shoulder to shoulder in the hallways,” freshman Kenzie Allen said.

The outcome of this meeting is unknown until the meeting has taken place but on Sept. 6, there was a Board Boundary Workshop where they discussed when the next meeting will be and gave a brief discussion about the reboundary process. They will discuss how their plan will work and the process involved in doing so. The reboundary results will be gathering opinions from the community at the meeting in October.