[Brief] MSD Yearbook schedules Yearbook Club Photos to Nov. 4

Sofia Schorer Kaplan, Social Media Editor (Class Intercom)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas is having their annual club photos for the 2022-2023 yearbook on Friday Nov. 4 throughout the whole day located in the main gymnasium. MSD Aerie Yearbook staff is responsible for taking all the club pictures that will be used in the yearbook. The photos taken will be used in the yearbook to distinguish all clubs offered at MSD as well as members of the club. Photos are taken by Cady Studios and administered by the Yearbook staff.

Photos were originally scheduled for Friday Oct. 14 but due to faculty and student implications surrounding the date, photos were rescheduled to Friday Nov. 4.

Club photos are split into two dates and also are scheduled on the basis of each club sponsor’s planning periods, so the Nov. 4 club photo date falls on a silver day. Meaning that all sponsors with silver day planning periods will have their photos taken on the Nov. date. Sponsors with burgundy day planning periods will have all their club photos on Tuesday Dec. 6 also in the gymnasium.

For students to be identified in their club photos they will have received passes from their sponsors where they will also write their names on. These passes will then be used for admission into the gymnasium and be given to the yearbook staff for identification of every person in the photo.

“We [Yearbook Staff] use these passes solely to identify who is in each photo,” Senior Co-Design and Clubs Editor Gabriella Campos said. “The students who are not present for their corresponding club photo are simply not going to be in the picture.”

Yearbook does not do a not pictured section for each person missing from each individual photo. So students should plan on being fully present for their photos if they wish to be present in the yearbook.

Photos will be happening during the entirety of the school day, and Aerie’s Instagram shows the specific time blocks for each individual club. Students should be informed as to what they need to bring or wear for their photo and have their hall pass prior to their photo.