[Brief] MSD considers adding WiFi hotspots outside

Jacqueline Destefano, Staffer

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s monthly Faculty Council meeting received a request for WiFi hotspots to be placed in outdoor spaces so students and staff can do work outside. The WiFi hotspots would either come out of MSD’s technology budget or possible funds from the School Advisory Council.

“The WiFi around campus has had issues since I’ve gotten here. We are trying to upgrade the wireless so that not only indoor spaces, but outdoor spaces, are more accessible to the internet,” testing coordinator Matt Winans said. “[This] would allow classes to be able to have classes outdoors, the garden could have access to the internet when they do their movie nights, and it would just give all of campus a better access to the internet, so that we can do things outside the classroom for the students.”

The suggestion for the hotspots came from the Faculty Council meeting, which is a way for MSD staff to make complaints or suggestions to better our school. Requests can only be made by teachers and all requests are anonymous.

According to Principal Michelle Kefford and Winans, there is no set time frame for when these hotspots will be installed or purchased as of now.