[Brief] MSD’s Indian Student Association is hosting their third “Cultural Food Fair” on March 10

Ashveen Saini, Social Media Editor

The Indian Student Association will be hosting their third cultural food fair on Friday, Mar. 10. This is the second year ISA is hosting their food fair, the first one being held last year. This will be the second one taking place this school year; the first one was held on Oct. 14, 2022.

The cultural food fair will take place during both A and B lunches in the middle of the main courtyard.

Tickets are being sold for $5 and include three food samples of your choice. Tickets can be bought prior to the event and will be sold in the cafeteria at the L-counter from March 6 to March 9. Tickets will also be sold at the entrance of the fair the day of.

Many other cultural clubs are also participating in this event. Clubs such as Caribbean Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Jewish Student Union, Black Student Union and Spanish Club will also be offering food samples from their cultures.

Cultural foods across the globe will be offered, such as samosas, biryani, falafel, Caribbean soda, fried rice, empanadas and much more.

The Indian Student Association hopes to bring light to the different cultures present at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School through their unique dishes and invite students to try foods they may never have before.