Class of 2018 ends their year with breakfast

Mallory Muller

On Wed., May 30, seniors returned back to campus to pick up their cap and gown. After patiently waiting in a line extending across the auditorium, leadership hosted a breakfast in the cafeteria.

The breakfast consisted of many items such as a variety of bagels, seasoned potatoes and a wall of donuts donated by Jupiter Donuts.

Aside from the breakfast, the seniors were able to make body scrubs and lip balms at stands in the auditorium after receiving their cap and gown. The soon to be graduates also received alumni memorabilia including a tote bag and stickers.

“Unfortunately I didn’t go to the breakfast,” senior Hunter Ballou. “I just got my cap and gown. The line was so long. I was waiting for at least an hour. By the time I got my cap and gown I was ready to go home. In my opinion it was poorly organized and the line was excessively long.”

Seniors were also able to turn in textbooks last minute and say their goodbyes to teachers and friends. With this most likely being the seniors last day on campus, it was somewhat sentimental.

“I was able to give my teachers one last hug and thank you,” Ballou said.

Graduation will be held June 2 at the BB&T center in Sunrise. Each senior received six tickets for their family and friends. Additional tickets were available for purchase.

There was more than enough food to feed all of the seniors who attended and any leftovers were given to teachers and certain underclassmen who stopped by the cafeteria.

“My teacher passed out some leftover donuts to our class” junior Julie Piedra said.

Although the cafeteria was not packed, the breakfast was a way to celebrate the end of their high school years and to commend the hard work they put into them.