[Brief] MSD SGA hosts annual Homecoming spirit week

Alison LaTorre, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Leading up to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s 2022 Homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 10, students, teachers, and administration participated in various activities like Student Government Association spirit days, lunch celebrations and the homecoming football game on Thursday, Sept 8 during the week of Sept. 6. 

“Our school goes all out for spirit week and this helps get students into the spirit through the different dress up days and lunch activities,” junior Nicholas Montenegro said.

Everyday throughout the week, during both A and B lunches, students were able to participate in musical chairs hosted by MSD’s SGA. SGA is responsible for every aspect of spirit week, from the themes to the activities for students since they plan homecoming every year.

“[Spirit week] makes everyone be more involved and more of the same kind of group. It is also super fun and makes people look forward to school,” freshman Kenzie Allen said.

The week started off with tailgate Tuesday; students represented their favorite sports teams in the form of jerseys, socks, hats and much more. Some students came to school with eyeblack to match the sports theme. The courtyard had a basketball hoop for students to shoot through to embrace their sports spirit. 

Day two is a frequent fan favorite for students in past years, wacky Wednesday. This day allowed students to come to school dressed in the most crazy and wacky ways they can think. Students wore crazy hats, socks and some students even wore tutus.

On Thursday, each student was able to represent their class by wearing their colors. Freshman wore green, sophomores in blue, juniors in red, and finally, seniors in black. This day was also the football game, so not only did students wear their class colors to school, but also at the eagles match against Plantation High School.

On Friday, students either dressed up as a cowboy, or in country club attire. Students were able to match with friends, and students’ were able to explore a new style they may have never worn before.

The MSD 2022 homecoming spirit week was great for everyone, and helped students to represent their school in fun ways.