[Brief] BCPS closes school due to approaching Hurricane Ian


Gabriel Jardine

MSD’s Cumber Stadium floods with rainwater during Hurricane Ian. Football practices and games were canceled due to the storm’s danger and unplayable field conditions.

Reece Gary, Senior Sports Editor

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 27, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, along with the rest of Broward County Public Schools, announced that all after-school activities would be canceled for the day due to the escalating strength of Hurricane Ian in the area. Later, at 10:35 a.m., Superintendent Vickie Cartwright stated that schools and district offices of Broward County will be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 28. As Hurricane Ian continued to grow in Broward County and the surrounding region, BCPS took extra precaution, ultimately closing school for the succeeding day, Thursday, Sept. 29.

With Hurricane Ian surging towards Florida’s southwestern coast, Broward County remains to receive the effects of the storm. Powerful rainstorms and possible power outages are among the harmful impacts of Ian on the county as the Sun Sentinel detailed this afternoon. In order to maintain the safety of students, staff, and other BCPS personnel, Broward County residents are encouraged to stay as safe as possible at home.

Throughout the school day on Tuesday, many students, parents, and Broward County residents revealed their disapproval of MSD and BCPS’ initial persistence to remain open, despite the approaching hurricane. To show their displeasure, some students decided to stay home for the school day out of safety, and others supported petitions and online protests.

“There was a torrential downpour all day, which the school and county knew of. Also, there were warnings of tornadoes and floods, but there was still a refusal to close school,” senior Kennedy Rubino said. “We have designated hurricane days for a reason.”

As Ian strengthens with its movement towards inland Florida, BCPS officials continue to track it in order to keep the county updated and safe. BCPS updates related to Hurricane Ian can be found through any BCPS school website, the official BCPS website, or BCPS social media such as their Twitter and Facebook pages.

“I’m glad the county [decided to close schools],” parent of MSD student Mary Burke said. “This was it keeps everyone off the roads with all the flooding and my children safe at home.”

As of Tuesday, Sept. 27, Ian is expected to slow its effects on Broward County by Friday, Sept. 30, possibly allowing a safe return to MSD.