Guidance counselors perform credit checks for MSD students

Aubrey LaTorre, Graphic Designer

Throughout the past week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, guidance counselors have been going to students’ study halls and individually speaking to students about credits for graduation. A few times each year, guidance counselors will take time for each student, and help them discuss what they need in order to fulfill their credits for graduation.

In order to graduate, students must fulfill 16 credits, all of which can be completed throughout freshman to senior year. Guidance counselors are doing these checks to ensure that each student is on the path they need to be on to graduate the correct year.

For this credit check, guidance counselors are meeting with sophomores, juniors and seniors. However, any freshman who has any questions regarding their credits, can visit their guidance counselor during their study hall, lunch or whenever the guidance counselor is available.

“We start from tenth grade so that they are aware early on what their expectations are, counselors go into their classrooms starting from ninth grade to talk about graduation requirements and when they are sitting with their counselor one to one they have an opportunity to ask more questions in depth,” guidance counselor Melanie Taylor said.

Counselors are reviewing grades, current classes students are enrolled in, volunteer hours, along with anything else that needs to be fulfilled for graduation.