MSD participates in Red Ribbon Week

Jasmine Bhogaita, News Editor

This year, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School held its annual Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 24 through Oct. 28. During this week, the students and staff were encouraged to dress up to a daily theme.

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol and drug awareness campaign launched by the National Family Partnership. The partnership is focused on the health of the youth and encourages a drug-free life. The week honors the loss of Drug Enforcement Association agent Enrique Camarena. 

Monday, Oct. 24 was “Team up against drugs day.” Students dressed up in their favorite sports team’s attire.

 Tuesday, Oct. 25 was “Sock it to drugs day.” Students and staff showed off their wacky, colorful, and mismatched socks to celebrate. 

Wednesday, Oct. 26 was “Blackout drugs day,” in which everyone wore as much black clothing and accessories as they could. 

Thursday, Oct. 27 was “Show your school spirit day.” Students and teachers flaunted the school colors, silver and burgundy, and wore school merchandise.

 Friday, Oct. 28 was “Wear red day.” Everyone was encouraged to wear as much red as possible to show their support for Red Ribbon Week.

Each year, peer counseling visits each classroom and delivers a short speech cautioning against the effects of drugs and alcohol. They also handed out slips of red paper to students. The students write their names on the paper and pledge to never engage in drugs. The paper was linked together into chains and hung from the cafeteria.

“The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to encourage all students to live a life that is safe, healthy and drug-free,” peer counseling teacher Laura Rountree said. “We are trying to teach students to make responsible decisions.”

The DEA is a branch of the United States government that controls the substances that enter the country. Their job may also include investigating drug criminals and gangs to prevent the trafficking of illegal drugs. Camerena was murdered by drug traffickers while undercover in Mexico City. Since his death in 1985, a red ribbon has been used to show support for the reduction of the use, production and sale of drugs.

Red Ribbon Week is an important event for the DEA in drug prevention in schools across the country. The program teaches students how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol.